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Feedyard Software Needs an Upgrade

Redbook is the modern cloud based software for feedyards looking to streamline process and increase profitability


Feedyard management software that automates your feeding and your business

Take control of your profit margin.

Easily understand how much you made yesterday and how much you will make next month.

Spend less time in the office.

No more paper records and late nights.

Software built for 2023.

Fewer clicks, faster loading times, no data lost, and less time in the office.

Real Time Pen Movements

Ensure feed follows cattle during movements and sorting

Inventory Management

Let us calculate your shrink, average cost, and markups



Create all your invoices with 1 click and manage payments directly

Simple Animal


Quickly manage doctoring with custom procedures and easy tracking

Track Feed Effortlessly

Easily record every ingredient that goes into your feedtruck

Catch Any


Redbook looks for potential errors so you can move faster

Get a hold on your profitability

Redbook tracks both costs and revenue to show you your yards gross margin

Easy To Use

Easy To Learn

Intuitive modern cloud-based user experience

Designed by Feedlot Operators, built by Silicon Valley Engineers

Interested in learning how Redbook can help drive more profit with less time at the computer?

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